The United Nations estimates that, in 2016, a total of 10 billion tons of cargo was carried on ships. This compares with about 6 billion tons in 2000. The efficient handling of the different commodities and products that make up this vast quantity of cargo World trade continues to expand demanding international regulatory requirements so called safety standards.


A ship is identified by flying the flag of particular nation under whose jurisdiction it falls and in which it is registered. A ship‘s flag state has overall responsibility for the implementation and enforcement of international and national maritime regulations for all ships flying its flag. After the end of the second world war some countries operate open registries which are open to ships owned by any nationality.


Nowadays, more than the half of the merchant ships are registered under open registries. For all these reasons our company have had decided to increase the quality and qualifications for our Nautical Inspectors and Auditors in order to provide, attend and cover around the whole Caribbean areas the necessities and requirements for the most important flags for which we are properly certify to represent such as:

Liberian Registry
Marshall Island Maritime Administration
Bahamas Maritime Authority
Luxembourg Maritime Administration
Transport Malta
Vanuatu Maritime Services
Panama Maritime Authority