P & I

P&I Correspondent of the international group


Our company started to be involved in P&I matters since the year 2001 when was designated as listed local correspondent at Punto Fijo, Venezuela. After many years the organization has reached an important development on the performance of this service becoming nowadays a formal listed H&M and P&I correspondent for many P&I club belongs to the International Group having presence with local assistance in many countries and ports in the Caribbean areas providing a variety of services having as principal role to assist club member’s, shipowners and masters of entered ship in case of an incident; giving immediate advice according to the claim and keeping the P&I club fully informed.

As P&I listed correspondent, we handle claims related with assistance for the release of a ship under detention, advising on the defense arranging local legal representation, negotiating with local interest such as cargo claimants, underwriters, customs and immigration officials, and the necessary local authorities, repatriation of stowaways and seafarers as well as supporting in medical assistance.